Hoover HWB414AMC Washing Machine

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Hoover HWB414AMC
14 kg load, perfect for larger families
Wash time of 240 minutes
15 cycles to fit with the wash needed
Sturdy and Capable Washer
One of the most necessary white goods in any home is a washing machine. Did you know the average Brit will do about 13.000 loads of laundry in their life? For this, a good performing washing machine is vital. The Hoover model here is really a great choice. It can handle loads of up to 14 kg, so it’s perfect for larger households or families with upward of five people. The 1400 spin cycle will make sure the clothes are wrung out before they come out of the machine. With

Powerful Eco Performance
The state of the word and environmental care is a high priority for many people at the moment, and this washer is one to consider if you fall into this category. It comes with a Half Load setting so saves water if washing a smaller load of clothes. There are 9 Care Cycles available, tailored to best suit each type of fabric. You automatically achieve the best results whatever you wash. The Power Care System releases the optimum mix of detergent/water is directly in to the drum resulting in a 20% increase in wash performance. KG MODE boosts efficiency by up to 60% by matching the wash action to the load.

Product name
Hoover HWB 414AMC
Product Type
Washing Machine
Product properties
Front or top loaded
Front Loaded
Wash Capacity
14.0 kg
Spin Performance
Noise Level Class
Noise Level (Wash)
56.0 dB
Noise Level (Spin)
80 dB
Delayed Start, Steam Function, Wi-Fi
Maximum Spin Speed
1400 rpm
Energy facts
Energy Class
230 V (220-240 V)
Energy Consumption per 100 cycles
56.0 kW/h
Standard Width
60 cm
85.0 cm
60.0 cm
67.0 cm


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