Neumatic Henry Hoover Xtra

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Specifications / Kit (XS0)
Capacity9LSuction2300mm H20Cleaning Range26mWeight8.0kg (Machine & kit)Dimensions340 x 360 x 370mmMotor Power620wPower230V AC 50/60Hz

When it comes to detail cleaning, the Crevice Tool is perfect for getting into all those nooks and crannies and the Dusting Tool is ideal for delicate surfaces, like shelves, ornaments and picture frames. For smaller surfaces, such as the stairs, sofa and in the car, Henry Xtra’s Upholstery Tool is top-notch. Plus, remove the brush for optimum results when cleaning the mattress.

Easily switch between carpets and hard-floors with Henry Xtra’s high-performance Combi Floor Tool. Simply set the brushes up for carpets and down for hard-floors, and you’ll achieve powerful results in either mode.

Equipped with an advanced, 2-stage filtration system, Henry Xtra gets rid of dirt for good, trapping the mess in his big-capacity, high-efficiency HepaFlo bag. Making emptying quick, easy and mess-free, Henry Xtra’s innovative self-seal tab locks all the dust in the bag, so unlike with bagless vacuums, you can empty with no dust, no mess and no allergens escaping.

When the mess is gone, Henry Xtra packs neatly and tidily away with on-board tool and cable storage. Job done! Well, until the next time…

Can we have a sleepover, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. Looking at the state of the carpet this morning, they certainly did have fun! There’s glitter dust engrained in the bedroom carpet mixed in with… what even is that? A trip to the kitchen reveals the remnants of what looks like a midnight snack. Biscuits and crisps by the looks of things. So much for the strawberries and grapes I bought them! Oh wait, I take it back, there are a couple smushed into the floor over there…

Henry Xtra has all the great features of the Henry you know and love, plus more! His versatile toolkit includes 2 bonus floor tools: the unique AiroBrush for powerful carpet cleaning and the Specialist Hard Floor Tool. Add to this his super long-reach 10m cable plus extra cleaning capacity and Henry Xtra makes cleaning even easier.


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